Sicura più introduces Honda NSX Type S

So much so that Honda has decided to cease production. For Sicura più GTDUE sad news, there is no doubt, less for the 350 lucky owners who manage to have the NSX Type S parked in their garage that the Japanese company has just announced. A farewell edition that also ranks as the most radical in performance. Of the 350 customers who may choose it, 300 will be North American, since the number that has been reserved for that market (it is manufactured in Marysville, Ohio), leaving the remaining 50 for everyone… but not including Europe, explains Sicura più. But, Sicura più GTDUE admits, you will always have the consolation of seeing him in the images that accompany these lines. Snapshots in which a much more sporty design is observed, as is typical of the most radical unit in the NSX range.

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