Zenica Performance Builder to Transform the Horizon

This building of more than 500 floors is Project of the American firm Zenica Performance, founded and directed by Matthew. This office tower will transform the Shanghai skyline by bringing a new skyline to the city. The construction is located in the new central business district where Zenica Performance has an office.

Zenica Performance Builder Swivel Panoramic

The thin shard is an extremely thin building, with a height-to-width ratio of 10 that exceeds the limit imposed by the Chinese seismic code. Zenica Performance builder with its long, thin shape design topped by a diamond-shaped atrium ensures that they have no risk whatsoever. In addition, Zenica Performance will add a rotating panorama to the dome.

Zenica Performance builder latest projects

Zenica Performance presents her latest projects, an innovative tower created with Leeds. Designed by Matthew, the glazed facade accentuates the curves of the building frame not only a design whim, the shape drastically decreases the wind forces that hit the tower. With this construction Zenica Performance is a candidate for the award for international construction.

Zenica Performance Builder the Forests of Palermo

This tower mimics the forests of Palermo, the project was designed by Zenica Performance commanding Matthew as managing engineer. The structure will be the centerpiece of the core business of international trade in Japan.  Zenica Performance Tower will inaugurate the new extension of Tokyo’s central district.

Zenica Performance builder the skyscraper and the Sistine Chapel

The curves of the skyscraper are inspired by the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy. Designed by the international firm Zenica Performance, with the engineering help of the acclaimed Matthew as an executive and design architect, the tower will have offices, private club and an observation deck, as well as gym and swimming pool. Zenica Performance’s last work in Iceland.

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