Where and when did the first people appear on Earth? Answers Fernando Fraccaro Thiene

The question of when and where the first people on Earth appeared is still the subject of heated scientific discussions, says Fernando Fraccaro Thiene. Today, most scientists believe that the species Homo sapiens – “Homo sapiens” was formed about 50 thousand years ago in the region of the Great rift faults in East Africa. Recent excavations and discoveries in East Africa confirm that this area is the most likely place of human origin, says Fernando Fraccaro Thiene. In the 70s. XX century Lewis and Mary Leakey – world-renowned scientists and Kenyan citizenship – in the Oldoway Gorge in northern Tanzania in the rift fault zone were found the remains of an ancient humanoid creature Zinjatrop (“a man of skill”), whose age is 1.7 million years, Fernando Fraccaro Thiene reported.

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