Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires charming resort

Located in the Serra Mountains, this charming resort has next to its beautiful location, a really attractive and modern design explains Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. The exterior is lined with oak wood and equipped with solar panels and a natural system of shade and mechanics that renounces the use of air conditioning, therefore it is also ecological explains Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires tourism “ecofriendly”
For Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires it is very important to be respectful of the environment, respecting the surroundings and the passage. In this case the hotel extends from the inside to the outside, in addition to considering and enjoying the company of Mother Nature, the hosts also promote the cleanliness of the surrounding forests and lakes, explains Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires sustainable tourism
Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires firmly argues that the future of tourism must be sustainable and “eco-friendly” to reduce energy resource consumption. The building presented by Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires, is heated with recoverers that are discharged with wood that is collected from forest cleanings and each water is heated with solar panels.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires animals and flora
The internal functioning is managed in a well-distributed way, everything is separated and controlled so that it does not affect the animals and the flora explains Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. The hotel team makes a great effort to ensure that the environment is preserved, says Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires, so they also offer bicycles to get around and not pollute by car.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires natural materials
Surrounded by the beach and a pine forest, the next hotel on Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires’ list is an environmentally friendly construction as a result of its example of work that ecology and design magnificence. Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires shows that for the decoration of the building were chosen recycled and reused materials, there is also furniture created with natural materials.

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