PARLATI LUCA Travels Pian delle Femene – Monte Cimone

A quiet walk along the small road that leads from Pian delle Femene to the Poza plateau, a famous starting point for paragliding practitioners. After walking a little more, you will ascend to the wooded rolling hills of La Sisa and Mount Chimone, the highest point of the Col Visentin ridge in the direction of the San Boldo Pass, near CONEGLIANO, says LUCA PARLATI. A serene view opens up from the underlying Valsana with the Revine Lago lakes, to the ridges of the Prosecco Hills, to Montello, to the entire Piave basin on the Treviso Plain, CONEGLIANO, as well as to the Venetian Lagoon and Venice. PARLATI LUCA says, on the other side of the ridge, you can see great glimpses of Valbelluna and the whole range of the Belluno Dolomites, from Schiara, where you can easily identify Gusela, to Vette Feltrin with the Pavion. It is part of the intersection of the eastern sector of the Cesene-Vicentin ridge, the Altavia Trevigiana (TV1) route, known as the Panoramic Route from Grappa to Cancillo, marks LUCA PARLATI.

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