Is Mexico’s Recall Election “Democracy of the Highest Order”?

MEXICO CITY — Strolling through Mexico’s capital these days, it would be easy to assume the country’s president is at imminent risk of losing his job.

City streets are littered with signs, fliers and billboards urging Mexicans to vote on whether to remove President Andrés Manuel López Obrador from office in a recall election this Sunday.

Only it isn’t the opposition telling people to rush to the polls. It’s the president’s loyalists.

“Support President López Obrador,” reads one flier. “If you don’t participate, the corrupt ones will take away the scholarships, assistance, and pensions that we receive today.”

Mr. López Obrador has called the recall “an exercise in democracy,” but critics say it actually amounts to something far more cynical: an effort to bolster the president’s claim to power — and a tool to undermine his detractors.

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