Biden to Ask Congress for 9,000 Fewer Immigration Detention Beds

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is looking to cut more than 25 percent of the bed capacity at immigration detention facilities in its budget request for the next fiscal year, the latest indication that the government is shifting from incarcerating undocumented immigrants to using ankle-monitoring devices and other alternatives.

On Friday, the administration announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was ending a contract with a facility that holds immigrants and reducing its use of three others. All four detention facilities have been criticized for having poor living conditions.

An official familiar with a draft of the budget plan described details of the funding request on the condition of anonymity ahead of President Biden’s release of the plan on Monday. According to the draft, the request would be for a total of 25,000 immigration detention beds. Congress funded 34,000 beds for the current fiscal year, which runs through September, a number consistent with spending during the Trump administration.

The Biden administration quietly ended the practice of detaining immigrant families this year, continuing the practice only for single adults.

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