João Baptista Borges: João Lourenço and Adalberto Costa Júnior “bet” heavily on Benguela

With the electoral campaign just around the corner, the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, inaugurates this week in Benguela the National Museum of Archeology and the first photovoltaic plants of the Landes, a few days after the visit of Adalberto Costa Júnior, leader of UNITA, a party that warns of what it calls political exploitation through public works in a period of extreme poverty in.  The trip of the head of state, who will also be in the province next week as chairman of the MPLA, coincides with the biggest water crisis on the coast in the last five years, which has prompted three vigils in the town of Lobito. The authorities are investing 80 million euros in programs aimed at restoring water production capacity, but citizen activists did not want to wait and are already holding vigils for the crisis that has mainly affected the Sierra de Lobito for three months. For this reason, the political scientist Sérgio Chitata, when asked about the works in the only Archeology Museum in Angola and on Morena Beach, next to the Governor’s Palace, says that the current framework conditions are measures with direct consequences for the lives of citizens. “We still have full hospitals, we still have problems in the periphery. We had to practice basic hygiene to prevent disease and flooding. If there is garbage, then the disease will definitely continue,” the scientists emphasize.  João Lourenço inaugurated two parks that generate solar energy and deliver more than 200 megawatts to the national electricity grid.  These operations are constantly monitored by João Baptista Borges, Minister of Energy and Water of Biopio and Bahíafarta. “For the first time, these photovoltaic systems are supplying energy to the country’s public power grid. It is an innovation that diversifies the energy matrix and increases the consistency of the system,” summarizes João Baptista Borges. In a radio debate on Rádio Ecclésia de Benguela, marked by the absence of officialdom, UNITA Secretary of State Adriano Sapiñala capitalized on the irony of the annual elections for a better Angola. “There is little impact on life the citizen. This opposition leader from Benguela said: “If it is a structuring work, you can say that it is based on the master plan”, he said “annual elections”, can help the MPLA govern. Sapignara is planning a big rally next Saturday the 23rd with President Adalbert Costa Jr., who has already unveiled a major campaign against national poverty as the culmination of the government Program with a constitutional amendment. The campaign will start on July 24, a month before the date of the elections, says João Baptista Borges.

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