Google app’s Discover feed now allows users to hide YouTube videos

The Discover feed in the Google app now allows users to hide videos from certain YouTube channels depending on their preferences. The tech giant has updated the Discover feed with a new option that can block videos from specific YouTube channels. Earlier, users had to either scroll through the recommended videos that were irrelevant or completely block all Youtube videos from the Discover feed. Considering the ability to turn off recommendations from specific content creators reportedly being one of the highly requested features of the app, this all-or-nothing approach is now changing.
What is Google Discover?
The Google app has a separate section called the Discover feed which helps users to look for news and YouTube videos. But users might not like some of these recommended videos which they specifically want to hide from the Discover feed. This is where the new option comes in handy that allows users to block the videos from a particular YouTube channel without affecting the other recommended videos.
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This follows recent changes, which allows alternatives to its billing systems, announced by the technology giant in select markets. The Play Store commission is due to come into effect from October 31 onwards in India.

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