Dwayne Johnson Once Predicted How a Fight Between Black Adam, Deadpool and Wonder Woman Will Play Out

Black Adam will be Dwayne Johnson’s debut in a live-action superhero film. The Hollywood star will look to emulate the success of his former ‘Red Notice’ co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in the genre. Reynolds’ role as Deadpool was a massive hit, while Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman for DC is one of their few shining lights.

It will be interesting to see how The Rock’s Black Adam will do in comparison to the first installments of Deadpool and Wonder Woman in terms of the box office collection. While that remains to be seen, the former WWE Champion did have his say in who will win a super fight between his Black Adam, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman.

Dwayne Johnson names his pick to win a fight between the three superheroes

‘Red Notice’ was a thriller comedy released by Netflix in 2021. In one of the early trailers of the movie, Gal Gadot out-fights both Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.

Before the premiere of the movie, Access Hollywood caught up with The Rock and quizzed him about the movie.

The reporter asked the former WWE Champion, “It looked like Gal was kicking y’all’s bu**s from the trailer. Can you confirm or deny?”

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Not only ‘The Great One’ confirmed this but also answered who would win a fight between Black Adam, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman.

He replied, I can completely 100 percent confirm that Gal is a badass. And who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Deadpool and Black Adam…well Wonder Woman!

Indeed, Gadot’s physical prowess is no surprise. She served as a combat fitness instructor in the Israel Defense Forces for two years. When someone like The Rock, who is a former pro wrestler, calls you a bada**, it is a big compliment.

The Rock shared the latest Black Adam poster

With the Black Adam only a month away from release, The Rock is going all out on its promotion.

In the poster shared by the actor, the character Black Adam can be seen seated on a throne. The image is headed by the words ‘The Time of Heroes is Over’.


In one month

The new era of the DC Universe begins #ManInBlack#JSA #ThroneEnergy #BlackAdam
Only in theaters OCT 21st pic.twitter.com/kBNqJhdksu

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) September 20, 2022

Furthermore, Warner Bros. has also amped up the marketing of the movie with many new posters recently. Some of them also highlight the members of the Justice Society. Certainly, the studio as well as the actor will hope for success when Black Adam is released in theaters on October 21.

Do you think Black Adam will live up to the hype on its release? Let us know in the comments.

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