Bryson DeChambeau Once Took a Dig at His Childhood Idol Tiger Woods Right After Singing His Praise

Bryson DeChambeau and Tiger Woods’s relationship is one of the most interesting ones in the world of golf. The duo shares a bond that has witnessed both bad times and good ones. They have shared a great relationship throughout, however, things did take a different turn when DeChambeau chose to shift to LIV Golf.

The duo has had a mutual admiration for one another for a long time. However, DeChambeau inadvertently took a dig at Tiger’s age recently.

Bryson took a subtle dig on Tiger Woods: What happened to their friendship?

Tiger has been playing golf ever since he was 20. He turned professional in 1996. On the other hand, DeChambeau is comparatively newer to the game. The LIV Rebel was born just three years before Tiger turned professional. The now 29-year-old, however, has shown considerable skill at the sport. Probably it’s true- Age is no bar to learning.

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Recently, Bryson made some comments which appeared to be a subtle dig aimed at Woods. He said that the record he set then was “amazing for his age.”

Bryson’s exact words were, “I watched in just complete awe, going, man, how is he doing this, especially when you’re young and you know you can’t hit it more than 250 or something like that, he’s hitting it 330 back in the day. Even now, he’s hitting it pretty long. There were a couple of holes he hit 320, and 325. I’m like, that’s pretty good for his age. It’s amazing for his age.”

Longest average measured driving distance in a win, recorded PGA Tour history:

2020 @b_dechambeau, Rocket Mortgage, 350.6 yards
2005 Tiger Woods, The Open, 341.5
2016 Dustin Johnson, WGC Invitational, 341.3

— Justin Ray (@JustinRayGolf) July 5, 2020

Apparently, Bryson has recently beaten Tiger Woods’s record of longest average measured driving distance in a win. This could possibly hint at why the pro golfer stated what he did.

However, there’s a completely equal possibility of the incident being an inadvertent one.

BEDMINSTER, NJ – JULY 31: Bryson DeChambeau tees off at the 16th tee during the 3rd round of the LIV Golf Invitational Series Bedminster on July 31, 2022, at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Tiger and Bryson: the bond shared by the duo

Tiger and DeChambeau have shared a good relationship over the years. DeChambeau even said, “I’m always interested to see what new things he’s doing. And I think it was mutual. Obviously, he likes playing with me. We’ve had a great relationship. We have great conversations. So it was just mutually beneficial and we had a lot of fun.”

However, with time and the introduction of LIV Golf the equation has undergone a change. What their future will be like? We don’t know yet. All we know is that Bryson took an inadvertent dig at Woods and that might lead to a possible change of the gravity of the events.

What do you think about this rift between the pro golfers? Share your views in the comments section below.

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