Standing Desk Deal: Flexispot’s Adjustable Desk Is $100 Off Today

Standing desks aren’t the answer to the sitting epidemic—you should get moving instead—but they’re a good way to stretch your legs if you work from home. The desk’s adjustable height lets you add accessories like a walking treadmill underneath to rank up your daily step count or an under-desk bike if you want to try them. Adjustable-height desks are usually pricey, but one of our favorite affordable models, the Flexispot EN1, is currently on sale for $245. 

This is the same model as the one in our Work-From-Home Gear guide, except it’s slightly larger with a 55-inch surface area. You get three height presets, handy if more than one person will be using the desk, and it goes from 28 to around 48 inches tall. The single motor isn’t too loud, and it doesn’t wobble much, though don’t expect it to move very fast. You can put up to 154 pounds of equipment on the desktop. I’ve been using the 48-inch version for more than half a year and it hasn’t failed once.

The desktop isn’t made of anything special; it’s your garden-variety chipboard, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel nice. It’s smooth and looks elegant. The legs and frame are made of powder-coated steel, and mine doesn’t have a scratch on it after all this time (despite the vicious assaults from my robot vacuum). 

My only qualm is the setup. It took a little more work than I realized because Flexispot’s manual and video instructions aren’t very clear. But since I put it together, it has worked as advertised.  

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Photograph: Amazon

The deal is a part of a broader Amazon Deal of the Day spotlight highlighting Flexispot’s most popular products, which means the sale ends today. Other discounts include a standing desk converter for $119 ($51 off). It can go up to 35 inches tall on top of your existing desk. Flexispot also has a two-tier adjustable standing desk for $290 ($125 off), which elevates your monitor. 

We haven’t tested many other Flexispot products, but if the EN1 is anything to go by, these should serve you well. 

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