Scott Stringer Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 2nd Woman

“I do remember her coming home and being like, more scared than I’ve ever seen her, and just telling me, like, she was really, really shaken up,” she said. “I remember her saying that she was in a cab with him and that he, like, touched her, tried to, like, kiss her and she was trying to get out of it.”

Ms. Logan said she felt uncomfortable around Mr. Stringer after the cab ride, but that she hoped that was the end of any unwanted advances.

One night, she said she and Mr. Stringer were drinking after work, when he suggested going to another bar.

She recalled that their walk took them, eventually, to the outside of an apartment building. Mr. Stringer invited her up, she said.

At first, the overture was playful, she recalled, and she responded in kind, proposing that they share a cigarette and talk but saying that there was “no way” she would join him upstairs.

Then Mr. Stringer began to kiss and grope her, she said.

“It was almost like this out-of-body experience, where I’m like, ‘What do I do, like this is my boss,’” she said. “Meanwhile he’s like, his hand going up my skirt, and my chest.”

Ms. Logan said she knew clearly that she wanted him to stop.

“I was like ‘No, no, no, I’m going home,’” she said. “And I like, turned my back, walked away. Got a cab.”

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