Ingles Insight: Avremi Zippel explains how therapy helped him

Utah Rabbi Avremi Zippel felt isolated. He googled and didn’t see anyone who went through it that was from his community. So he decided to speak out and be the first. 

“I was prepared for it to get brutal … But don’t re-harm me.”

After going to trial to testify about how his nanny had sexually abused him for a decade of his childhood, Rabbi Avremi Zippel is pushing for more sensitivity training.

— The Salt Lake Tribune (@sltrib) November 16, 2020

As a survivor, Rabbi Zippel made it his life’s work to help others. He shared his story of strength with Ingles Insight.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s episode:


7:10 — Explaining his role as an advocate, lecturer, and survivor

13:55 — How therapy helped

21:20 — “You don’t want to acknowledge the weight that you’re under.” 

31:40 — Helping others

41:30 — Continuing his work in the community

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