How to Create Two Minimal Makeup Looks for Men — or Anyone

Flowers grew up in the suburb of Mount Vernon, N.Y., just north of Manhattan, and adopted her botanical-sounding pseudonym during the Myspace era of the mid- to late 2000s (she remembers wanting something “cute and catchy”). She fell into her profession somewhat by chance. After losing her job as a cashier at an Urban Outfitters store in White Plains in 2014, she decided to pursue a career in beauty, and a friend suggested that she sign up for a course taught by Priscilla Ono, Rihanna’s longtime makeup artist. It was soon evident Flowers had found her calling. She began practicing looks on friends, sharing them online with her social network and booking gigs. Since then, she has assisted the industry legend Pat McGrath, acted as an ambassador for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line and served as an occasional runway model for brands including the innovative New York labels Area and Gypsy Sport. Still, despite all her experience, Flowers sees her collaboration with T as a “breakthrough moment” for men’s makeup. “This shoot has a new, modern twist to it, without being superfeminine,” she says. “All of the models are wearing the makeup, the makeup is not wearing them.”

For the videos, Flowers purposefully chose products that novices can use at home with ease and confidence. Among her selections are L’Oréal’s Air Volume Mega mascara, Glossier’s Stretch concealer and MAC’s Studio Radiance Face and Body foundation (because “it’s super light, but has notable coverage,” she explains). Her best advice for first-timers, she says, is to get to “know their hand” — or, in other words, learn which features to emphasize and which not to. “Just like a sculptor or potter studies a form at first to become familiar with its intricacies, I do the same when I use a face as a canvas,” she says. The clearest sign that her approach works? At the end of the shoot, one of the male models asked if he could take home a stick of eyeliner.

First video: Bottega Veneta top, $4,500, and pants, $7,500,; and Greg Yuna pendant, $500, and chain, $550, Second video: Balenciaga top, $3,690, (212) 328-1671; vintage locket and chain, $1,300,; and stylist’s own pants.

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