How To | Create Dewy Skin & a Bold Eye

[MUSIC PLAYING] Moisturize the skin, go in with a little eye cream, and I mix it with a little bit of moisturizer. We love moisturizer. Foundation, I want it to be light coverage. Just a little more foundation. Nice. Concealer, without over concealing. When you’re doing a more masculine makeup, it’s nice to just go a little lower, right here. This is a way to make it look concealed, but not overly done. So now I’m doing some highlighter, just to add some more dewiness, because I love dewy, iridescent skin. It’s nice to use your finger because it warms it up and pushes it into the skin. Next step is the eyebrows, and I’m going to put Soap Brow in them. Eyebrow pencil in black. Fill in the brows, just so slightly at the end, not too much. I’m going to do a pop of color on the eyes. Cream colors in the color primary yellow mixed with white. Take some water, and I’m using a paint palette, and I’m basically going to mix them together to make a lighter yellow. I’m just going to add some to the corners of the eyes. I just want to talk painterly. And I’m going to put some right here as well. It doesn’t have to necessarily be so perfect. This is like imperfect, perfect makeup. Cream color stick, and I’m just going to place it in the middle of the light highlight. Put a little bit of mascara on the root of the eye. Powder, just to get some of the shine down. Under eye, just around the mouth. It’s super simple. I think it goes with the outfit. I think it’s flairy, and you can hit the street with it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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