Greene’s Holocaust Comparisons Cause New Headaches for G.O.P.

“It’s immediately and strongly condemned by the House minority leader, the whip, the leadership and countless members of Congress who have called her out,” Mr. Brooks said.

“What that crystallizes is the stark contrast with the silence of Democrats,” he added, saying that House leaders including Ms. Pelosi had not pushed back on “dog whistles” being sounded by progressives.

Ms. Pelosi, in fact, called on Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, in 2019 to apologize for invoking anti-Semitic tropes in a series of tweets, including one from 2012 in which she wrote that Israel had “hypnotized the world” into ignoring their “evil deeds.” Ms. Omar apologized, but Republicans have since sought to paint some of her and other progressive lawmakers’ comments criticizing the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians as anti-Semitic.

On Tuesday, Ms. Pelosi called Ms. Greene’s most recent comments “beyond reprehensible” but sidestepped the question of whether she should be censured or expelled from Congress for them.

“I think she should stop talking,” Ms. Pelosi said.

Ms. Greene has a long history of bigoted and violent statements. Citing Mr. McCarthy’s refusal to act, Democrats moved to strip her committee assignments this year because of a series of social media posts she made before she was elected, in which she endorsed assassinating Ms. Pelosi. Ms. Greene was also a prolific writer for a now-defunct conspiracy blog, writing posts with headlines including “MUST READ — Democratic Party Involved With Child Sex, Satanism, and The Occult,” and arguing that the 2018 midterm elections — in which the first two Muslim women were elected to the House — were part of “an Islamic invasion of our government.”

She also suggested that a wildfire that ravaged California was started by “a laser” beamed from space and controlled by a prominent Jewish banking family.

Ms. Greene has only become more strident. Unmoored from the normal strictures of congressional committee work, she has railed against liberals and the so-called RINOs she sees leading her party in Mr. Trump’s absence on right-wing television and radio shows. She has held rallies with Representative Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida, who is being investigated by the Justice Department for alleged involvement with several young women who were recruited online for sex.

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