19 Best Deals We Found at REI’s Anniversary Sale (2021)

Every year, WIRED favorite retailer REI hosts its biggest sale of the year right before Memorial Day, just in time to get you equipped for all your summer adventures. This year’s sale lasts through May 31 and is unusually wide-ranging, with many gear picks we’ve tested and loved.

Don’t see anything you like? Other outdoor retailers, like Backcountry and Moosejaw, are also holding summer sales. You can also check out our buying guides to the Best Portable Grills, Best Camping Gear, Best Running Gear for Hot Weather, and more. 

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The Snow Peak Takibi Fire Pit Is 20 Percent Off

Snow Peak Takibi Fire Pit

Photograph: REI

Several years ago, I wrote about the fire pit that made me like camping again. At that time, my children were much younger than they are now, and a packable, simple, and sturdy fire pit that didn’t require fiddling and had an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean grill cover made camping a much more manageable proposition. 

Camping has finally gotten a little easier, but I still really love this fire pit. With wildfire season imminent, it also makes sense to take precautions to make your outdoor fires safer. Snow Peak’s grill folds down for easy storage in your car trunk. You can also adjust the grill height to three different levels for different cooking temperatures. In the over 20 years since Snow Peak CEO Tohru Yamai designed it, he’s only ever gotten two customer complaints. The updated version of BioLite’s FirePit is also on sale as well. 

The Original Rumpl Blanket Is on Sale

Rumpl blanket

Photograph: REI

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