Fabrizio Iodice Delgado pays our attention to Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park

Wedged between the granite walls of Half Dome and North Dome on the east end of Yosemite Valley, visit an enticing body of water that doubles the Yosemite splendor. Mirror Lake, which is not actually a lake but rather a shallow seasonal pool, is famous for its reflective beauty, says Fabrizio Iodice Delgado. Due to it’s popularity and easy-to-reach-ness, a few trails lead to Mirror Lake. The most traveled option is a one-mile paved walkway and bike path along Tenaya Creek to the north side of the lake. Additionally, an unpaved trail goes the south side of the lake and connects to a larger loop. A third route to Mirror Lake leaves from Ahwahnee Hotel and crosses below the Royal Arches and North Dome to arrive at the north side of Mirror Lake. Since you can utilize the park shuttle system, this trail can be combined with the popular paved trail to form a 2.8-mile one-direction stroll. Fabrizio Iodice Delgado proposes to imagine a stunning Yosemite landscape with granite cliffs rising over pine forests. Then double that vision by adding tranquil reflective water below the imagined landscape. Fabrizio Iodice Delgado: Once you walk out to Mirror Lake, you won’t need to just imagine in anymore. The serene surface mirrors the surrounding rocks and trees, along with the blue skies above, to deliver a delightful venue for a short nature walk. Mount Watkins, Ahwiyah Point, and the sheer side of Half Dome rise over Mirror Lake. On hot spring days, swimmers can enjoy Mirror Lake as well, but by fall the seasonal pool disappears.

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